Wednesday, October 11, 2006

2010 Esoteric Book Conference

William Kiesel, Michael Kolson & Catamara Rosarium giving opening remarks.
Esoteric Book Fair
EBC table representing publishers not present at the conference.

Clint Marsh [Wonderella] greets EBC administrator William Kiesel
Browsing the many esoteric books on sale.

Tyler Davis of Ajna Bound

Charles Krafft browsing Ajna Bound

Robert Ansell of Fulgur Limited

John Coughlin [Waning Moon] viewing items at Fulgur stall.

David Beth signing copies of Voudon Gnosis
JD Holmes representing Fulgur, Xoanon, Three Hands Press, Starfire and Capell Bann
Robert [Edge of the Circle Books] purchasing stock for his shop

Orryelle signing a copy of Conjunctio
Ros, Robert and Barry Hale talk with an attendee
Leah of Elixia and David Beth
Arrowyn of Hex Magazine

Richard Kaczynski signing copies of the new edition of Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley

Michael Staley of Starfire Publishing

Sam Webster of Concrescent Press


Barry Hale and Amy Hale
 Presentation Hall


Rebecca and her charming smile greets attendees

Debra Chesnut

NOKO attending one of the presentations

Austin Coppock visiting with Stian and Tai

Joshua Madara webmaster and audio/visual technician

Caroline Wise speaking about Florence Farr

Art Show
In the Art Room
Joseph Uccello of Viatorium Press
Bryan Kent Ward

Orryelle and a stack of his art

Denny Sargent and Robert Carey viewing art by Carlos Melgoza

Lena Kartzov and the elemental panels she crafted for the presentation hall
Saturday Evening Entertainment
Enrique Ugalde performing as SORIAH

The audience listens to Scott introducing NOKO

Robert, Ros, Barry, Scott and Michael post NOKO set

Barry Hale talks with William Kiesel after the NOKO set
Haley and Michael enjoying the evening entertainment

Enter Master Musicians of Bukkake

Additional chamber music accompaniment . . .

Shrine of the Golden Hawk

Altar on the set of the play Shrine of the Golden Hawk [Florence Farr]

Catamara Rosarium and Michael Kolson introducing the play

Beyond the Veil   . . .

Left to right: THE KA: Haley Stats, PRIEST OF HARVESTS: Keith M. Bergeron, PRIEST OF WATERS: Damian Murphy, GEBUEL: Michael Sebastian Lux, NECTORIS: Scarlet Tai, MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT: Orryelle, DIRECTORS: Catamara Rosarium & Michael Kolson.
After Conference Socializing

Scott and Oniyeh

William Kiesel [Ouroboros Press], Orryelle and Soriah